Professional Acrylic Template Sets from £5.97

Acrylic templates are probably the most commonly used templates in the arts & crafts and quilting world today.
These acrylic templates are made from top quality clear acrylics for easy viewing of work underneath and are also very hardwearing durable pieces of kit that can be used over and over again and are great to have in your tool box.

FROM £5.97
The perfect applique template, quilting template and sewing templates or even paper crafting hobbyists tools.
Lots of laser cut designs to choose from and ready to dispatch today.

UK Designz offer a bespoke template making service at very competetive prices for designing and cutting them awkward shapes and sizes.

Acrylic stencils/templates are a great piece of kit to have for:

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Quilting Accessories | Sewing Accessories

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