Wallace and Gromit Rocket 50p coin display case
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Wallace and Gromit Rocket 50p coin display case

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Wallace and Gromit

Celebrating 30 Years Since Blast Off

The beagle has landed! 30 years later. A Grand Day Out was first shown in November 1989, the film’s stars Wallace and Gromit land on the surface of a 50p coin.

Over three decades, the inseparable duo have become household favourites in the UK and beyond. Their breakthrough success was followed up with more wonderful adventures and they became a have to-see TV event at Christmas time.

Rocket ship coin display case



Our displays are made up of 3 layers of 3mm acrylics with stainless steel binders to lock your coins safely away, most of our display units come with engraved details of individual coins for easy organising of your collection.

We have designed these unique coin displays for all you Avid Great British Coin Hunters out there, these coin displays are professionally designed and manufactured by UK Designz here in the UK on precision state of the art machinery.

Here's your chance to display your 50p in this beautifully designed upright display.

The professional way to protect, show and store your coin collection.

Your items will arrive with protective film on them to protect them in transit to you, but these films can be removed before displaying your coins.


UK Designz offer a bespoke coin holder design and manufacture service.

PLEASE NOTE: These items (designs) are copyright to UK Designz and if you wish to produce/replicate in any way shape or form, you must contact us before to discuss the products.